Testing of working standards

For calibration and adjustment of balancing machines, setup rotors or master rotors and calibrated test weights are indispensable. These working standards must be treated like other measuring or testing equipment. This means: They have to be inspected periodically in order to ensure reliable measurements. Failure to do so could have an impact on product quality and potentially have serious economic consequences.

PFA covers all relevant measurement variables (geometry, mass, unbalance) and enable the complete testing and certification of:

  • Test rotors and masses in accordance with ISO 21940-21 or SAE ARP 4162
  • Setup and master rotors for balancing machines in serial production
  • Other disk- and rotor-shaped standards or entire assemblies
  • Standardised or self-manufactured standards

We recommend that you use your own working standards and get them certified. These are then available not only for regular laboratory testing, but also available for your own tests between the test intervals. If you do not have your own working standards, we would be pleased to offer them to you for rent. Further information can also be found under "Rental of working standards".

Test levels to match your QM system

Principally, every rotor can be certified in accordance with each level. The test laboratory for balancing technology offers three performance levels. The differences: measurement-technical depth of detail and generated documentation.