Balancing machines – The sophisticated measuring equipment

Balancing machines – can usually be found in the rough environment of a manufacturing facility or workshop. These high-precision measurement means designed to secure the quality of your rotors "must be calibrated specified intervals ... which can be traceable back to international or national measurement standards". This is a core requirement of ISO 9001. Only machines tested and verified in compliance with ISO standards produce traceable measuring results that secure your product quality and competitive edge.

Make sure that your balancing and spinning systems comply with the required specifications. We support you in this – with a series of individual performance packages. Together with our experts, you can then decide what level of testing is useful for you.

PFA supports you at all levels:


We will advise you even before an order is placed with regard to the requirements for qualifying your measurement or testing equipment and determine the most suitable and economic procedure for you.


The inspection is coordinated with you and performed in a timely manner: We will check your working standards in our test laboratory in just a few days and your machines directly on site.


We record your measurement and testing equipment in our database, provide them with a test seal, create and archive the results reports and, in this manner, can track the calibration status for you at any time. This effectively supports the management of your measuring equipment.


We check the conformity of the underlying specifications and provide information in terms of usability for a specific purpose.

Periodic review

Under consideration of your operational circumstances, we recommend intervals for the required follow-up inspections.

Replacement purchase

Is your measuring and testing equipment no longer suitable for its intended purpose? We recommend putting them to different use or we can also offer to replace your current state of technology.