Accredited quality certification

Traceable to international SI units

Besides optimised test processes and minimised measurement uncertainties, the documentable traceability of results to international SI units forms the basis of our accreditation. This is achieved by the technological "heart" of our test laboratory: an in-house developed, precision reference rotor. In connection with a high-precision reference machine (master machine), it serves as a reference standard for the measuring variable "unbalance". With this, the PFA can perform qualified tests for measurement systems or working standards for balancing technology. And of course, it can issue certificates that comply with the very highest standards.

Standard-compliant quality certification

A decisive factor is that your quality assurance is also effective in the "balancing" manufacturing step. Securing product quality plays a significant role for companies, as it is imperative for customer relationships and competitive edge. Especially in large companies, strict requirements can only be implemented with the aid of an effective quality management. This is defined in various international or industry-specific standards. For instance in ISO 9001. It states, among other things, that

  • Measuring equipment... must be calibrated and/or verified at regular intervals, based on measurement standards, that can be traced back to international or national measurement standards.
  • Records must be kept on the results of the calibration and the verification.

Similar specifications can also be found in guidelines such as ISO/TS 16949, DIN EN ISO 10012 as well as VDA 6.1, 6.2 and 6.4. Is your company certified in accordance with one of these standard series or do you work in compliance with corresponding principles? The services of our test laboratory round off your quality management. The balancing machines and spin-testing rigs as well as the corresponding working standards are measuring and testing equipment that require periodical monitoring.