Testing and maintenance of machines

Balancing machines and spinning stands are precise measuring equipment and have accuracies that are comparable to a high coordinate measuring machine. If testing of their capabilities is neglected, errors will not be detected and the product quality compromised. This can lead to higher rejection rate, or even to recalls in the worst case. We therefore recommend, in addition to the maintenance of your machines, to have a verification carried out by our laboratory.

The PFA procedures are accredited, validated and specifically tailored to individual machine types:

  • Inspection of universal balancing machines in accordance with ISO 21940-21 or SAE ARP 4048, SAE ARP 4050, SAE ARP 5323
  • Inspection of balancing machines in individual or batch production
  • Inspection of high-speed balancing machines for tasks in accordance with ISO 11342
  • Inspection of spin testing systems

Individual quality levels for all requirements