Turning old into new – Modernization pays off

Even if your balancing machine is aging, it can still be modernized with justifiable effort and cost. With a new measuring device upgrade, at a fraction of the cost of a new machine, you can once again restore your machine performance to conform to the latest balancing processes technology.

You can select from various modernization packages we offer by simply providing us the serial number of your Schenck Machine. In most cases, we can also offer you upgrade options on competitor equipment.

Modernization kit CAB 820 or CAB 920

CAB 820 and CAB 920st are representatives of the new generation of balancing measuring devices, which stand out for their ease of operation and high accuracy. Avoid faults, speed up procedures and once more significantly improve the quality of your balancing – all this is possible with our CAB 920 high-end measuring system.

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