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Seminar Testimonials

Attendees Seminar Experience at SCHENCK

The following feedback comes straight from Schenck customers who have participated in Schenck Seminars or Workshops! Join our next seminar, and judge for your yourself!

"The pace was perfect, the information was at the right level, and [the instructor] made applications specific guidance."

"The Instructor had experience with the parts we balance so we were able to fully answer questions."

"The instructor was top notch."

"Perfect class size, lots of time for questions!"

"Great use of classroom coupled with hands-on work. Also good discussions on real parts!"

'Presentation of the Fundamentals was well done. I left Schenck with a feeling that I can apply what I learned to my own application immediately!"

"The hands-on really helped bring it all together for me."

"The ability the instructor had in answering all questions about our individual situations (was most beneficial.)"

"I now have more confidence, and feel as if I can have a knowledgeable conversation with someone regarding balancing."

"Very valuable to my current job activities."

"The theory, explanations, and exercises were great!"

"The knowledgeable instructor was able to answer all questions asked by the people in the class (seminar participants)."

"Very good course, it introduced me to functions and theories of balancing that I had never thought of, or even taken for granted as well as gave me a more thorough understanding of things that I was knowledgeable on."

"I learned many techniques for my job requirements. A lot of new information on hands-on using the balancing machine as well as book and word information that will greatly improve my balancing skills and my overall job performance."

"Actually learned how to properly run a balancer."

"Gained a solid understanding on balancing applications."

"With no balancing experience the material was presented clearly."

"Course objectives evolved as class progressed, which helped tailor the class to our needs."

"Now have a basic understanding of how a balancer works and what affects the balancing."

Quote of the Month: "A good explanation of the balancing theory has been very helpful. A better understanding of the machine operation was also helpful."

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