Seminar registration

To register for a seminar on-line,  choose the Seminar, Certification Program or Workshops you would like to attend by clicking the box to the left of that listing. Certifications are only available in combination with a Seminar or Webinar and according to the instructor's availability. Please check the certification box if you are interested in scheduling your certification. If you click "submit" and do not receive a "Thank you" note, review all the sections indicated by "Mandatory" in the form. Finally please click the "Submit form" button to send us your registration.

Your registration will be processed immediately and a confirmation will be sent to you shortly. Should you only desire to reserve seats at this time please contact us for availability. Or indicate that in the text field at the bottom of the form.

Please make sure to review our Team Discounts and Cancellation Policy at the middle of that form.
Seminars and Workshops

Please hold my reservation. A check will follow by mail payable to SCHENCK USA CORP.

Registration: Registrations must be received two weeks prior to scheduled Seminar/Workshop dates. With the exception of Deer Park, NY courses.

Team Discounts: A 10% discount per attendee will be granted to companies with three or more attendees at the same seminar. Discount not applicable to regional balancing workshops.

Cancellation Policy: Registered participants who wish to cancel enrollment may do so and receive a full refund if notice of cancellation is received two weeks prior to the course start date. After this deadline, the course fee may be applied to purchasing the course notes, other services, or applied to future programs.

Late Registration: A registration fee of $50.00 will be applied to those registrations received later than two weeks before the first day of the seminar. Registration without payment does not reserve space.

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