Vibration Analysis in Predictive Maintenance

Vibration Analysis in Predictive Maintenance

This is an on-site Seminar only.

Accurate vibration analysis can be the most valuable maintenance tool available. When used properly, it can provide the necessary information to completely evaluate machine condition, identify symptoms to avoid ongoing damage, determine the cause of damaged components and offer a prognosis for remaining service life. It can mean the difference between maximum production efficiency and catastrophic failure.

We begin this two-day program studying the modern methods used throughout the industry to effectively evaluate machine vibration, how it effects equipment, and how to identify an unbalance, misalignment, or bearing problem.

Other topics include:

  • How to accurately evaluate machine condition using mechanical vibration
  • Pinpointing relative shaft vibrations, absolute bearing vibrations and absolute shaft vibrations
  • How to effectively use spectrum analysis for fault diagnostics
  • CEPSTRUM – what it is and how to use it
  • Identifying damage in rolling element bearings using Bearcon signature analysis
  • Resonance frequencies and critical speeds

Three-day class including alignment and fieldbalancing is available upon request.

Additional topics covered:

  • The causes of unbalance
  • Identifying static, quasi-static, dynamic and couple unbalance
  • How to accurately measure and correct for an unbalance condition
  • Determining the weight and location of correction mass
  • Field balancing and trim balancing techniques for assembled rotors while in operational condition
  • Single, two-plane and multi-plane balancing
  • Selecting proper balancing tolerances by application
  • Introduction to alignment and its influences
  • Methods of alignment (Rim & face, reverse rim)
  • Coupling errors, face errors, centering errors, and pitch errors
  • Parallel offset and angular offset
  • Principles of measurement and correction