Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Troubleshooting and maintenance of balancing machines

On-site Training

The troubleshooting & maintenance program addresses the basic working principle of the balancing machine and its components. To develop proficient troubleshooting skill, all training exercises are conducted on the machine using a test rotor. Participants are trained in basic balancing machine setup, interpretation of instrumentation screen information, available diagnostic features, machine drive control, and applicable special feature (i.e. electronic protractor, slot-blade counter.)

To ensure proper training is provided to all participants, this 2-day program is limited to a class of four (4).Test rotor is required.

Other topics include:

  • Machine & rotor setup.
  • Instrumentation functions & operation.
  • Instrument diagnostic software
  • Proper use of test rotor
  • Identification of machine components
  • Typical setup related problems
  • Critical machine components
  • Significance of proper roller crown
  • Step-by-step problem isolation
  • Machine control schematic diagram
  • Test of system functionality*

*Test of balancing machine according to S.A.E 4048 (horizontal), or 4050 (vertical) requires an additional day

Who should attend:
This training program is mainly for maintenance supervisors and technicians who are directly responsible of the balancing machine maintenance.The program is recommended for participants with electro-mechanical background.