Rotor Balancing

Rotor balancing workshops at a location near you

Rotor balancing workshops

Our Rotor Balancing Workshops are designed to provide an open forum in a regional setting where participants can review basic balancing principles, improve skills and address specific application challenges.

After a brief introduction of balancing concepts, students will learn specific techniques and participate in hands-on exercises to improve skills. Focus modules include:

  • Rotor Balancing Workshop I
    Understanding Tolerances & Speed- How to determine the correct ISO/API quality grade/tolerance for your application (G1.0, G2.5, G6.3. . .) and the appropriate balancing speed.
  • Rotor Balancing Workshop II
    Improving Measuring Results- How to use single compensation, key compensation and index balancing to effectively remove unbalance influences and improve measuring results.
  • Rotor Balancing Workshop III
    Addressing Rotor Configurations- How to address different (unique) rotor configurations in one or two planes to improve unbalance reduction ratio and plane separation.
  • Rotor Balancing Workshop IV
    Improving Correction Techniques- How to calculate the exact amount of material for standard correction methods such as drilling, milling or the addition of weights.
  • Rotor Balancing Workshop V
    Calibration & Performance Testing - How to calibrate for difficult rotor setups and performance test your balancing machine.
  • Rotor Balancing Workshop VI
    Accuracy & Repeatability - How to determine the accuracy and repeatability of your rotor/tooling setup.

Other topics include:

  • Balancing terminology
  • What is unbalance?
  • Causes of unbalance
  • ISO and API Standards
  • Types of balancing machines
  • Correction methods

Who should attend:
This one-day session is intended for those new to the balancing process, experienced personnel looking for a refresher, or those that may have specific needs to be addressed. No prerequisite is necessary.