Pump & Impeller Balancing

Pump & Impeller Balancing

Schenck's Pump & Impeller course is an excellent opportunity for those involved with pumps, compressors and turbines to learn techniques that will reduce balancing time as well as rotor rejection due to excess vibration.

This course offers a strong foundation for operators, supervisors, and engineers. Along with hands-on exercises focused on efficient machine operation, the basic theories of balancing are discussed throughout the course. In addition, students will closely examine applications of API 610 and learn incremental balancing techniques to provide more reliable operation.

Other topics include:

  • Types of unbalance
  • Causes and effects of unbalance
  • Unbalance measurement, correction, and errors
  • Centrifugal Force and C.G. Displacement
  • Impellers Between Bearings
  • Overhung Impellers
  • API Standard 610
  • Tolerances per ISO 1940/1 and API 610
  • Balancing Tooling
  • 180 degree indexing
  • Optimizing Machine and Rotor Setup
  • Instrumentation functions, features and operation
  • Machine maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Practical balancing techniques to insure impellers and discs are not over corrected (i.e. when balancing to "zero" is detrimental to proper high-speed operation).

Who should attend :
Engineers, supervisors and newly appointed operators or engineers with 2-3 years of practical balancing experience in either manufacturing or maintenance applications. A working knowledge of pump, compressor or turbine applications is recommended.

Calculators are recommended