Fundamentals of Jet Engine Balancing

Fundamentals of Jet Engine Balancing

This course provides a practical approach to balancing. By combining balancing theory with hands-on session, attendees receive a solid and well-rounded foundation to apply to their jet engine balancing applications.

The course focuses on defining and identifying the different types of unbalance from both theoretical and practical approaches, proper balancing machine setup and operation, improving unbalance correction methods, and reducing errors during the balancing process.

Topics include:

  • Defining unbalance vs. alignment vs. runout
  • Types of unbalance
  • Interpretation of unbalance readings
  • Classification of balancing machines
  • Classification and characteristics of balancing tooling
  • Error stacking
  • Machine setup and considerations
  • Machine specifications and balancing speeds
  • Applications of balancing software and features
  • Fundamentals of jet engines
  • Jet engine process flow
  • Machine setup errors
  • Correction strategies and errors
  • Rotor handling tips
  • Identifying other error sources