Field Balancing

Field Balancing with Vibration Analysis Workshop

Field Balancing with Vibration Analysis Workshop

This workshop provides attendees with the basic skills for vibration analysis. The workshop will focus on how to effectively measure and eliminate the unbalance in rotors in field conditions. Students will perform hands-on balancing exercises using tabletop rotor kits and portable vibration analyzers and balancers.

Mechanical vibration is one of the best indicators for evaluating a machine condition. Accurate vibration analysis can provide the necessary information to identify symptoms, determine the cause of damaged components, and offer a prognosis for the remaining service life of a machine.

Approximately 50% of all vibration problems originate from unbalance. An unbalance condition imposes a load on the rotor, bearings, and supports of the machine. Reducing rotor unbalance not only avoids costly downtime, but increases the efficiency and life of the machine.

This course covers:

  • Basics of Vibration Analysis
  • Field Balancing vs. standard balancing machines
  • How to be able to successfully balance common machinery in the field such as fans, blowers, spindles, etc....
  • How to use methods of vibration analysis, such as Fast Fourier Transform (FFT), to diagnose rotating machine issues, i.e.:
    • Unbalance
    • Misalignment
    • Rolling element bearings, etc...
    • One plane, two plane, one-two plane prognosis balancing
    • Evaluate Balance Quality in accordance with ISO 1940
    • Evaluate Machine Vibration in accordance with ISO/DIS 20816
    • Case studies and applications

Who should attend:

This course is of interest to anyone involved in identifying and correcting faults in rotating machinery including plant managers, maintenance supervisors and field technicians. An engineering degree is not requires, but and general working knowledge of machinery and equipment is recommended.