Balancing operator training

Onsite Only: Balancing operator training!

Training available On-Site!

The balancing operations training is a two-day of intensive hands-on training, devoting onlya few hours of classroom time in theory. With the training conducted on the actual machine and instrumentation to be used by the participants in operation, all stages of the process are addressed in detail.Participants are subjected to balancing exercises, using relevant rotor types expected to be balanced by the machine operator.

To ensure proper training is provided to all participants, hands-on training are limited to a group of four (4). After a brief overview of basic theory for all participants, each group of four are trained on the machine and instrumentation setup, applicable instrumentation features,correction techniques, and typical error to avoid in balancing.

Other topics include:

  • Different types of unbalance (static, dynamic & couple).
  • Balance tolerances and terminology.
  • Machine & rotor setup.
  • Instrumentation functions & operation.
  • Selecting the best balancing speed.
  • How to avoid measurement interference caused by the drive and roller harmonics.
  • Basic machine maintenance and troubleshooting

Who should attend:
This training program is designed for newly appointed balancing machine operators with specific rotor types to balance, or for those who need to be more proficient on a new CAB instrumentation package.