Advanced Jet Engine Balancing

Advanced Jet Engine Balancing

This course provides an in-depth look at jet engine balancing and builds upon the foundation laid in the Fundamentals of Jet Engine Balancing course. This course combines lecture and hands-on instruction focused on the theories behind jet engine balancing.

Topics Include:

Jet Engine Process Flow

  • Moment weighing
  • Static Balancing of rotor stages
  • Dynamic balancing of rotor modules

Engine design considerations

  • Materials and construction considerations
  • Machining tolerances and errors
  • Assembly tolerances and errors


  • Designs, benefits, repeatability
  • Interference fit, hydraulic adapters, diaphragm adapters, collets
  • Tolerances, runouts, etc.
  • Design considerations
  • Rotor configuration, machine capability, rotating vs. non-rotating tooling
  • Build stands, lifting tools, balancing tooling, assembly tooling, tool carts, use of hand tools
  • PMI rotor simulators

Applications of balancing software

Calibration and performance testing
Vibration Analysis

  • How unbalance drives resonance
  • Unbalance vs. alignment vs. natural frequency

Who should attend:
With emphasis on jet engine process flow and tooling design considerations, we recommend this course to design engineers and process planners with a background in engineering and completion of a Fundamentals course.

Calculators are recommended