Seminar Overview and Course Descriptions

Designed for the balancing professional by the balancing experts.

Our balancing seminar program is designed to give both maintenance and manufacturing personnel the opportunity to learn new concepts, and improve skills. "Universal theories," applicable to all balancing machines, are presented in an interactive environment where students can discuss particular problems and experiences. Hands-on sessions are used frequently to reinforce theory and practice the skills that have been learned.

Through the years, Schenck has provided the industry with the most efficient machines designed to meet today's demanding performance requirements. But building accurate, dependable equipment is only part of our responsibility. Maximum performance and quality standards can only be realized if operators and personnel have a complete understanding of the balancing process and are skilled in modern practices.

Our Seminars and Rotor Balancing Workshops provide an ideal setting to interchange regional and national balancing experiences and challenges, with balancing peers and experts.

A complete Balancing Certification Program is now available as a standard for technical skills and aptitude.

All seminars can be tailored to meet your specific requirements and presented at your facility!

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