Schenck ONE Smart Applications

Schenck ONE Digitization


When it comes to balancing processes, greater transparently offers greater analysis and optimization. Under the Schenck ONE brand name, digitization has definitively found its way into our product portfolio. Our first Smart Applications enable customers to easily access their production and machine data, and carry out extensive analyses. This will empower customers to make use of the full potential of their data. We will continue to develop and bundle Smart Applications under the Schenck ONE banner offering Digital Solutions with real value to our customers.

The Smart Cockpit Dashboard

This application supports organizing and optimizing your machine pool: The Smart Cockpit is easy to use and offers a comprehensive overview - not just of individual machines, but of your entire machine pool.

Dashboard application for Schenck balancing machines
  Gain a full overview of your connected Schenck machines as well as individual machine views
  Access to critical machine information from anywhere anytime, you are always well informed
Our new software solution offers you
  Detailed views of all critical machine, production and quality indicators
  Up-to-date and historical data that enable quick reaction to events and a deeper analysis
Additional information in one place - so you get
  Easy and quick access to all relevant machine documents and machine features
  A comprehensive overview of all contact details to your Schenck Service channels

Rotor Data Center

With this application, automatically save all rotor-related parameters and data in a central location. Furthermore, historical rotor files can be searched, sorted, compared and exported.

Data backup for Schenck balancing machines
  Reads all rotor parameters that occur during the balancing process from the machine
  Collects and securely stores data for easy retrieval
  Access to all rotor results regardless of time, location and machine via Wi-Fi
Our new software solution offers
  A comprehensive well-structured overview of all balanced rotors
  Easy access to your rotor data – simple built in filter, sort, and search functions
  Straightforward integration into existing systems via a standardized data interface
The Rotor Datacenter
  Meets the requirements for traceability and statutory retention
  Improves the quality management process
  Establishes a paperless processes