Schenck ONE Smart Applications

Schenck ONE Digitization


When it comes to balancing processes, greater transparency offers greater analysis and optimization. Under the Schenck ONE brand name, digitization has definitively found its way into our product portfolio. Our first Smart Applications enable customers to easily access their production and machine data, and carry out extensive analyses. This will empower customers to make use of the full potential of their data. We will continue to develop and bundle Smart Applications under the Schenck ONE banner offering Digital Solutions with real value to our customers.

SchenckONE AssetManager

The central application of SchenckONE.

  You can manage your machines and tooling efficiently, and
it makes no difference whether your assets are online or offline.

  You create your individual machine groups, find them in all your
SchenckONE applications, and never lose sight of the big picture again.

  With the practical document storage, you have all the important information
at one place always ready to access and assigned to your machine.

SchenckONE MaintenanceAssistant

The MaintenanceAssistant can also be used without a direct machine connection. You can add any machine, including third-party machines, as well as tooling, and thus ensure continuous process optimization throughout your production process.

Ensure continuous process optimization throughout your production process

  Find your future maintenance tasks for machines and tooling at a
central place and adapt your maintenance plan to the needs of your
company for Schenck machines and, also, for 3rd party machinery.

  Make your maintenance more efficient by adding images, documents and notes
to the tasks. To make sure you don't miss any important maintenance tasks,
you can send yourself and your colleagues an e-mail reminder.

  The colored indication shows you at a glance which machine is reaching a
critical maintenance status. If you need our support, contact is simple directly through
this application, as the information is central to us and is automatically attached
to the request allowing us to immediately identify your issue.

  With the MaintenanceAssistant, you plan future maintenance and also track
the maintenance history of each individual machine over the entire machine life cycle.
This enables you to make a significant contribution to your process and quality assurance.

The MachineCockpit Dashboard

This application supports organizing and optimizing your machine pool: The MachineCockpit is easy to use and offers a comprehensive overview - not just of individual machines, but of your entire machine pool.

Dashboard application for Schenck balancing machines
  The MachineCockpit is the Dashboard application for Schenck balancing machines
that provides an overview of the connected machines, independent of time and
location, showing all of your machine data in one place.

Our new software solution offers you
  This comprehensive overview, of all critical machine, production and
quality indicators, presents current and historical data to enable a quick
reaction to events and to provide a deeper analysis.


Rotor Data Center

The Rotor Data Center application automatically collects all rotor-related parameters safely and securely in a centralized location, where files can be searched, sorted, compared and exported through a paperless process.

Data backup for Schenck balancing machines
  The RotorDataCenter securely stores the balancing results of your rotors
providing a structured data overview and enables easy product traceability
improving the quality management process.

Our new software solution offers
  The standardized interface makes it possible to easily access your selected rotor data
and balancing results for comparison, filtering, printing (PDF protocol), and
exporting (CSV), as well as forwarding the data to customer systems.

  The WiFi connection enables access to all your rotor results independent
of location, time and machine.