Spinning service

When you are dealing with rotors exposed to high centrifugal forces during operation, you have to be sure that they will not burst or deform permanently. This is normally done by performing strength tests at a speed above operating speed, or burst tests, or by recording Woehler curves. This will give you the reliability you need to operate your rotors.

Services offered by Schenck include spin-testing of your test specimens within the framework of the new or further development of your products or as part of quality control. Use our spin-testing rigs to better understand your rotors. They are ideally suited for research and development, and for small pilot batches or spot checks within the framework of production quality monitoring.

To learn more about our spin testing services, please visit Test Devices by SCHENCK.

This is what we can do for you:

Spin-testing of rotors

Diameter: max. 900 mm
Axle length: max. 900 mm
Weight: max. 400 kg
Spin-testing speed: max. 250,000 min-1
Vacuum min. residual pressure: 2 mbar