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Hand-Held Machine Condition Monitoring Device to Measure Vibration Levels and Bearing Wear

The VIBROSTORE 100 (VST-100) is the ideal, simple solution suited for monitoring vibration on semi-critical and small to medium-sized machinery. This cost-efficient handheld device provides an easy way to detect the most common machine faults.

The VIBROSTORE 100 (VST-100) measures vibration levels and bearing wear at the push of a button, and is intuitive and easy-to-use by personnel without prior experience in taking vibration measurements and assessing the machine’s overall vibration condition.

  • Download the readings to a PC for reporting, further analysis and trending
  • Detect developing faults allowing plenty of lead-time to plan your maintenance activities

The VIBROSTORE 100 (VST-100) is a lightweight and robust device for use in the field and can be used single-handedly with protective sleeve or worn with the docking cradle attached to a belt clip.

The instrument is equipped with a cable-connected high-quality, pre-set acceleration sensor.

  • Choose the type and size of the machine you want to monitor, enter its running speed and press one button to perform the measurement.
  • A traffic-light coded display immediately indicates the severity of the vibration based on the built-in ISO 10816 levels (velocity in mm/s or inch/s). The main screen, also, shows the bearing condition in BDU and total g (rms acceleration).
  • The display of the vibration level in frequency ranges indicates the most common machine faults like imbalance, misalignment or looseness. For a more detailed analysis, the instrument provides spectra with up to 800 lines with zoom and cursor.

VIBROSTORE 100 (VST-100) Brochure

VIBROSTORE 100 (VST-100) is available either stand-alone or packaged with Report & Route Manager software for quick, reliable and cost-efficient machine health monitoring.

Report & Route Manager at a glance:

Report & Route Manager is a very powerful and highly functional route editor and analysis software.

Set up your route, upload it to VIBROSTORE 100, perform the route-based inspection and download the results to Report & Route Manager. The data can be displayed in a variety of different ways including vibration frequency spectra, bearing noise and ISO trend plots as well as waterfall diagrams. You may also generate reports either manually or automatically.

  • Superior reporting functionality
  • Modular design
  • Optimized workflow
  • Advanced navigation in measurement analysis and diagnosis tools
  • Fast and efficient measurement reporting
  • Can be used with both VIBROSTORE 100 and the Vx-80 handheld series

VIBROSTORE (VST-100) 100 comes ready-to-use in a nylon carrying case and includes:
  • Removable protective rubber sleeve for hand-held use
  • Alternatively, it fits into the docking cradle with a belt clip
  • USB mini connector for data transfer to a PC
  • High, quality vibration accelerometer AS-063
  • Magnet for curved surfaces
  • Spiral cable with two pin connector

Optional accessories available:

  • Strobe to define the running speed
  • Magnet for flat surfaces
  • Can be connected via Bluetooth to listen to the bearing noise
Instrument Specification and Scope of Delivery:
Size 200 mm x 60 mm x 26 mm
Weight 280 g (magnet not included)
Degree of protection

0 °C to +50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F)
-20 °C to +70 °C (-4 °F to 158 °F)
Power supply 2 x AA L91 lithium-ion batteries
Frequency range 2/10 Hz to 1 kHz (ISO)
1 kHz to 10 kHz (BDU)
10Hz to 1kHz (Vibration bands)
Max frequency resolution 1.25 Hz @ 800 lines FFT setting
Acceleration in g
Velocity in mm/s (or inch/s)
Bearing noise in BDU (bearing damage units)
Displacement (mm, microns, mils)
Displayed frequency units Hertz (Hz), RPM or CPM
Input range
Vibration analysis diagnostic bands
(RPM = run speed)
User selectable with accelerometer sensitivity
Unbalance 1x RPM
Alignment 2x RPM
Looseness 3x RPM
Accuracy +/-5 % (acceleration: +/- 10% below 20Hz)
Languages in instrument German / English / French / Italian /
Spanish / Portuguese / Dutch / Chinese / Korean / Japanese
Accessories Docking cradle and USB cable
Protective boot
Spiral cable with two pin connector
Accelerometer AS-063
Nylon carrying case
Optional accessories AC-7315 strobe attachment
AC-172 magnet for flat surfaces
Report & Route Manager software for