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Condition Monitoring Unit - A New Dimension of Automatic Machine Fault Detection and Diagnostics

The VCM-3 adds a new dimension of healthcare awareness to all of your balance of plant assets regardless of the industry. This compact, cost-effective unit includes cutting edge technology based on decades of successfully monitoring thousands of machines globally.

The VCM-3 uses specially defined measurements that not only automatically detect developing faults earlier, but also give a diagnostic indication on the type of fault and its severity.

The VCM-3 is one step ahead of all other field devices and is among the most powerful data acquisition and processing field units in the market, and it’s cyber secure.

Cyber-Secure: Secure one-way data flow solutions that do not expose your infrastructure to cyber-attack

Scalable: One hardware platform that can be upgraded as your expertise grows. It has been designed for scalability, so you can get started now with the basic model.

Actionable Insights: ISO “traffic-light” fault alarms show machine health

Easy to Deploy: No expertise required. Our Quick Start guide will get you up and running in no time

  • Data management and installation made easy
  • VCM-3 is highly flexible and easy to configure

Open Communications: The built-in OPC UA server enables the VCM-3 data to be seamlessly integrated to your DCS, SCADA, data historian and other systems. In fact, the VCM-3 is one of the easiest field devices on the market to install and commission.

VCM-3 (Condition Monitoring Unit) Brochure

We packed over 20 years of condition monitoring experience in that little box to make your life easier.

  • Stand alone: On-board calculation of descriptors (no PC required)
  • Up to 200 descriptors per unit
  • No diagnostic expertise needed
  • Remote applications
  • Highly scalable - Start out small and expand as your needs and experience grow
  • Extensive interface capability
  • Easy and quick deployment - Be up and running in no time

VCM-3 at a glance - Specification
Size L: 280, W: 153.5, H: 35 mm
Weight 1.5 kg
Mounting DIN rail or wall mounting
Sensor inputs 12 differential AC/DC
Acceleration sensors
Simultaneous channel monitoring/204.8 kHz sampling
Communications hardware 3 Ethernet ports usable as switch
Communications protocol Modbus TCP/IP
OPC UA server (embedded in VCM-3)
VCM-3 homepage Embedded Web server/User portal
Measurement (descriptor) data display
Time waveform (oscilloscope) display
FFT spectrum/envelope spectrum display
VCM-3 STANDARD Overall Machine Health
ISO “Traffic Light” Alarms
Bearing Condition
OPC UA and Modbus Comms
OSIsoft® PI System®
VCM-3 CUSTOM Overall Machine Health
ISO “Traffic Light” Alarms
Bearing Condition
OPC UA and Modbus Comms
OSIsoft® PI System®
Machine Specific Templates
Focused Machine Fault Descriptors
Speed Tracking Filters