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Series HGW

Balancing Machine for Drive Shafts

  • Simple and safe operation
  • Modular design for various applications
  • Comprehensive protective and safety equipment for operators, machine and environment
  • High measurement accuracy through microprocessor-controlled measuring unit


Hard-bearing special balancing machine with horizontal rotor axis and semi-automatic operation.
The machine consists basically of: machine base, support pedestals with spindle bearings and vibration sensors, belt-drive with drive motor, control cabinet with measuring unit and drive controls, safety brackets and protective enclosure of the class C according to ISO 7475.

Range of application

Horizontal, hard-bearing balancing machines series HGW are designed especially for low- and high-speed balancing of drive shafts in overhaul, repair operations and small production lots. A modular design provides flexibility to change or add components for other balancing tasks such as balancing electric armatures, drums, etc.
Technical data
Technical data at a glance    HGW 20 B  HGW 30 B  HGW 40 B   
Measuring unit        CAB 820   
Spindle bearings for drive shafts    •  •  •   
Safety devies    •  •  •   
Protective enclosure    •  •  •   
Belt drive    •  •  •   
Weight, max.  [kg]  180  450  1000   
Diameter  [mm]  1600  1600  1600   
Length 1)  [mm]  2200  2200  2200   
Width A 3)  [mm]  5500  5500  5500   
Depth B 3)  [mm]  2400  2400  2400   
Height C 3)  [mm]  2300  2300  2300   
Balancing speed range  [min -1]  100 - 5000  100 - 5000  100 - 5000   
MARU 2)  [gmm/kg]  0.5 (not better than 25 gmm)  0.5 (not better than 25 gmm)  0.5 (not better than 25 gmm)   
Air pressure  [kPa]  600  600  600   
Drive power  [kW]  7.5   
Sound Pressure Level (with class C protection)  [LpA [dB(A)]]  60 - 70   60 - 70   60 - 70    
Basic machine  Order No.  R0150100.01  R0150200.01  R0150400.01   
Measuring unit CAB 920  Order No.  R0150101.01  R0150101.01  R0150101.01   
Report printer  Order No.  R0150102.01  R0150102.01  R0150102.01   
Software options  Order No.  R0150103.01  R0150103.01  R0150103.0   
Center pedestal for 2-piece shafts  Order No.  R0150104.01  R0150204.01  R0150404.01   
Roller-bearing carriages for rotors with their own journals  Order No.  R0150105.01  R0150205.01  R0150405.01   
Drill correction  Order No.  R0150106.01  R0150206.01  R0150406.01   
Welding correction  Order No.  R0150107.01  R0150207.01  R0150407.01   
Spindle adapter  Order No.  o.r.  o.r.  o.r.   
1) Other data on request           
2) Minimum achievable residual unbalance per plane            
3) Data non-binding, dependent on repective equipment supplied           
o.r. On request