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Precise: Automatic unbalance correction in wheel/tyre fitting

Precision: automatic unbalance correction

The balancing weights are fitted to the rim all the way at the end of the tyre fitting system, shortly before the final quality control. This had previously been a manual "man's task" with all its uncertainties.
The automatic adhesion of balancing weights offers considerably more process reliability.

With high precision and exactly coordinated to the cycle time of the entire system, a robot takes the balancing weights introduced as endless coils and adheres them precisely to the position defined by the balancing system in the rim – with the highest degree of process reliability. Modern sensor technology ensures the necessary pressure to adjust the weights to the rim radius for optimum hold. Thanks to the robot-guided unbalance correction, cycle time is further reduced so that output quantity can be further increased.
The result is a perfect full tyre manufactured with the highest degree of process reliability and maximum efficiency.

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