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Impressive Success of Schenck's Japanese Joint Venture

Mr. Khanna, Portfolio Manager Tire & Wheel / Mr. Yuguchi, CFO Nagahama Seisakusho / Nagahama, Board Member Nagahama Seisakusho / Mr. Mimura, CEO Nagahama Seisakusho /
Mr. Brunke, CEO Division IAS / Mr. Heinlin, CFO Division IAS / Mr. Künne, Head of Sales & Service Segment Balancing


The Japanese Schenck joint venture has achieved impressive success through acquisition and sustained growth in orders.
After the acquisition of Kobe Steel Ltd. in September 2023, the Japanese Schenck joint venture Nagahama Seisakusho consolidated technologies for the final quality process in tire manufacturing (Source: News dated 22.09.2023: "Schenck expands portfolio for tire technology").

Within just 7 months, Nagahama Seisakusho has secured an impressive order intake of over 70 Tire Uniformity Measurement lines, combining tire uniformity testing and unbalance measurement.
This sales success, primarily achieved in the Chinese market, equals the average annual revenue of the Japanese company in scale. It underscores the significant potential resulting from the successful consolidation of both technologies. To sustain this growth, the board decided on May 16, 2024 to expand the production area with an additional building of approximately 1,500 square meters.

Manish Khanna, global portfolio manager responsible for the Tire & Wheel sector, sees significant opportunities in this development:
"We are extremely proud of this impressive success, which will open up further promising opportunities for us in the European and American markets in the future."

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