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The smart standard for horizontal systems

Schenck RoTec presents the second generation of universal balancing machine for rotors up to 50 kg

Schenck RoTec is presenting its new Pasio 50SC as the future-oriented standard in horizontal balancing technology. The compact system is designed for processing cylindrical and disc-shaped rotors with rotor weights of up to 50 kg. It convinces as a smart complete solution with high operating comfort and excellent measuring precision and is optimized for easy integration into users' production management systems.

Users in electrical engineering, fluid technology or the automotive industry who require an innovative complete balancing solution for cylindrical and disc-shaped rotors with weights of up to 50 kg have a reason to be thrilled. With its new Pasio 50SC machine manufacturer, Scheck RoTec covers exactly this application sector in balancing technology. Developed on three basic principles - smart, safe and precise - this universal balancing machine with a horizontal design sets new standards in many aspects. It is very easy to operate, has an excellent measuring technology system and its ergonomic and safety-related design is just as trendsetting as the efficiency of its balancing processes.

Starts quickly, easy to integrate

When the Schenck RoTec developers speak of a "smart" complete solution with regard to their new Pasio 50SC, they refer to three aspects above all: the simple start-up and the low space requirement for the machine, as well as the easy integration into the customer's networks and production control systems. The factor "safe" stands in contrast to this for the digital servo drive, the fast self-diagnosis and the strong protective cover in accordance with ISO 21940-23 (Class C) of the new Pasio 50SC. But not only this, the new circular slide belt drive, which can be handled easily, and the two-hand operation for indexing into the next correction position (with an open protective cover) should also be mentioned here. Finally, the guideline "precise" can be seen in the great measuring precision that can be realised with the new Pasio 50SC: residual unbalances of less than 0.5 g per plane can be achieved and the very high unbalance reduction ratio ensures that many rotors are already in tolerance with the first measuring run. And Schenck RoTec also offers two measuring instrument options for its new machines: the CAB 820 basic measuring instrument or the innovative CAB 920 SmartTouch.

Wide range of applications

The new Pasio 50SC from Schenck RoTec is designed for use in production and repairs. It can balance rotors with diameters of up to 600 mm, for example crank shafts, armatures, cylinders or fans and grinding discs. Magnetic rotors as well can be balanced on the machine with optional nonmagnetic equipment. In all cases, the user will be guided securely and error-free through the balancing process by the measuring unit’s software interface – from clamping the rotor through to correcting the unbalance. And because the complete design of the new Pasio 50SC is based consistently on ergonomic aspects, all working areas can be accessed easily and comfortably and all hand movements carried out quickly. This is not only conducive to safety; it also supports the realisation of efficient processes.

Like all balancing machines from Schenck RoTec, the new Pasio 50SC is also integrated in a comprehensive service and support system with which the Darmstadt company guarantees the on-site availability of its systems.

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