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CIVO – Fully automated balancing machine for wound armatures

CIVO offers highest performance balancing in the smallest of places. With impressively short cycle times, electrical armatures are balanced in just one go. CIVO is designed for medium and large volumes of up to 2 million armatures per annum.

Low spatial requirements, good accessibility to all components and easy use make CIVO the perfect partner for your production processes. With its flexible structure, it can be easily combined with automation and supply facilities - from belt to pallet. Unbalance is rectified mechanically by precision milling in the lamination stacks in one or two levels.

CIVO balances up to five electrical armatures simultaneously in a five-level fully automated radial run-out. In doing so, it stands out with its short cycle times and high precision. Movement technically, this 5-station carousel is based on a lift-and-turn transport unit, which conveys through the process very quietly, with shock-free acceleration and high positioning accuracy. Whilst the measuring programme from Schenck RoTec works through all the technical measurement tasks via the proven CAB 870 unit, unbalance is rectified mechanically by precision milling in the lamination stacks in one or two levels. The machine can be loaded and unloaded either via a manually operated drawer or by an automatic feed and removal system – the CIVO can be adapted completely to the user's production environment.

CIVO offers great flexibility with regard to its range of applications. The new balancing machine from Schenck RoTec can be used not only for measuring and balancing typical electric armatures, but also for all rotors of a similar design which allow technical milling. The length of the shafts can be between 80 and 240 mm and the diameters between 3 and 15 mm. The new CIVO's balancing process can also be deployed for armatures with either oblique or straight slots. The option of deploying single or multiple cutters – oriented to the pole pitch - offers additional flexibility.

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