Sustainability, environmental protection, noise reduction


Balancing is in itself an act of active environmental protection:

Not only will a well-balanced rotor run more smoothly, it will also last longer and produce less noise - even if the primary objective of balancing is the reduction of rotor vibrations, in order to keep bearing loads within reasonable limits.

Balancing extends the service life of a machine - thus contributing towards the conservation of valuable resources. The reduction of the noise level of the rotor and the machine is an additional benefit, which should not be ignored.

Schenck efficiently uses natural resources.

However, at Schenck, environmental protection does not stop there.

We know environmental protection is also a matter of cost. We are therefore continuously developing new solutions for our machines, which will enable our customers to make even more efficient use of natural resources.

One example of how we achieve this is the use of minimum lubrication. Minimum lubrication drastically reduces the amount of coolant/lubricant used for mechanical machining on semi and fully automatic systems. This results in virtually dry work pieces which can be further processed directly. The same applies to the machining swarf, which can be recycled without any further processing steps.

Environmentally friendly production is essential not only where our products are concerned. As early as the mid-nineties, Carl Schenck AG started implementing an Environmental Management System. Within the framework of the decentralisation of the company, Schenck RoTec introduced its own Environmental Management System in mid-2001. In accordance with our environmental guidelines, we are committed to reducing the use of environmentally harmful or toxic substances to the minimum amount required.

We do our best to use natural resources and energy sensibly, avoid producing waste and encourage recycling of reusable raw materials.

To support these principles, we provide our staff with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of courses in this area.