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History of SCHENCK in the USA

Schenck was founded in Darmstadt, Germany in 1881 as a manufacturer of scales and weighing devices and soon became a pioneer in dynamic balancing and testing equipment. After World War II, Schenck was represented in the United States by Cosa Corporation, a machine tool importing company. In 1964, Schenck discontinued the cooperation with Cosa, and incorporated in New York as Schenck Machinery , U.S.,Inc.

In 1964 Schenck Machinery engaged Micro Balancing to manage its day-to-day activities. Micro Balancing, founded in 1946, manufactured balancing machines.
In 1967, Schenck purchased the assets of Micro Balancing and the two companies were renamed Schenck Manufacturing Corporation.
Trebel was founded in Germany in 1910 as a manufacturer of grinding wheels. Later, the grinding wheel portion was sold and Trebel manufactured balancing machines.
In 1968 Schenck purchased Trebel, and became Schenck Trebel Corporation (STC) with headquarters in Farmingdale, NY.
In 1974 STC moved its headquarters to its current location in Deer Park, NY.
In 1984, STC purchased Turner Brothers Incorporated located in Lake Orion, MI, which became Schenck Turner Inc. (STI). STI manufactured balancing systems for the automotive industry.
In 1986, the Pegasus Company, located in Troy, MI, was acquired, and became Schenck Pegasus Corporation (SPG). SPG manufactured testing equipment for the automotive industry.
In 1987, the holding company Schenck Corporation (SCO) was formed to oversee all of Schenck’s operations in North America. Its offices are within the STC building at 535 Acorn Street, Deer Park, NY. Schenck Trebel, Schenck Turner and Schenck Pegasus then became units of SCO.
In 1994, SCO acquired Schenck Accurate (SAR), Whitewater, WI, a small volumetric feeder manufacturer in south central Wisconsin which since has evolved into a major supplier of volumetric and gravimetric feeders, impact plate and coriolis dry material flow meters, weighbelt feeders, belt scales, bulk bag discharging stations, controlled rate bin dischargers, louvered vibratory feeders, controls and custom systems.
Carl Schenck AG in Germany underwent a corporate restructuring in 1998, and formed the corporate division Schenck RoTec GmbH, which integrates all balancing and diagnostics activities for Carl Schenck AG.
In 1999, Interautomation, Inc., of Oakville, Ontario, Canada, became part of the Schenck Group of companies. Interautomation Inc. is a systems engineering and manufacturing business which specializes in the design, development, manufacture and implementation of engine and vehicle test systems.
In 1999, Dϋrr AG of Stuttgart, Germany, acquired Carl Schenck AG of Darmstadt, Germany.
In 2003, Schenck Turner changed its name to Schenck RoTec Corporation and moved its balancing service operations to the Schenck Pegasus facility in Troy, MI. The newly-formed Schenck RoTec Corporation operates with Schenck Trebel in Deer Park, NY, as Schenck’s Balancing & Diagnostic Systems Group in North and South America (excluding Brazil). Iin 2010, Schenck RoTec Corporation moved to Auburn Hills MI, together with Dürr Systems Incorporated. In January 2016 Schenck RoTec Corporation relocated to Southfield MI, together with Dürr to a 227 thousand square foot facility.
In 2005, Dϋrr AG sold the Development Test Systems Group (DTS) including Schenck Pegasus and Interautomation, Inc., to the Japanese technology company Horiba, Kyoto. Towards the end of 2005, Dϋrr AG sold the Schenck Measuring and Process Technology Group (MPT) including Schenck Accurate (SAR) to the German private equity investor group, HG Capital.