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Balancing – Our passion

Every car driver knows this. At a certain speed, the steering wheel starts vibrating. First just slightly, then more vigorously. The problem: an unbalance in the tires - they have to be balanced.
Many other kinds of rotors are subject to unbalance. The tiny autofocus drive in your camera, the engine of an aircraft or the turbine of a power plant. Balancing is nearly always the solution. For better quality, longer service life and more safety for your products and services.
Schenck solutions for balancing and diagnosis technology for rotating and oscillating components and armatures are unique around the world: 

  • All weight classes: from 1 g to 400 t
  • All sizes: from 1 mm to 10,000 mm rotor diameter
  • Large speed range: from 10 to 400,000 min-1
  • Solutions from wheel assembly to diagnosis technology
  • Repair workshop as well as mass production