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Universal Correction Station with Flip Over

Unbalance Correction Station

• Universal turn-over-correction-station for manual application of knock-on, adhesive and 2-piece clip-weights on steel and alloy wheels
• 180° turning, indexing and optional tilting of the wheel (patented) for ergonomic apply of the balance weights
• Can be used as a single or double station
• Working Range 14” – 24”
• Shortest cycle-times of ≤ 12 sec in double station operation
• Weight shelves in different sizes and optionally with pic-to-light function and grip monitoring available
• Safety fence with light-curtain

Range of application

In the manual turn-over-correction-station wheels are positioned for a manual unbalance-weight-application in two planes. For this purpose the wheel is automatically turned to make the compensation on the design side (first plane) and on the wheel-inside (second plane) available.

Depending on the used type of correction weight the following unbalance correction methods are possible:

• Unbalance correction with knock-on weights or clip-on weights
• Unbalance correction with adhesive weights
• Mixed unbalance correction with knock-on weights / clip-on weights and adhesive weights


• Universal correction station: three-strand belt conveyor; Lifting unit with rocker arm, three-phase geared motor and vertical guide; Flip-over device with servo-motor-operated wheel-clamping and flip-over-unit
• Belt conveyor with decentralized drive as a connection between unbalance measuring station and balancing station
• Operating platform
• Weight shelf

Special features
  • Patented tilting function for best ergonomics when applying adhesive weights. The wheel is raised about 45 ° to the worker for a clear view on the rim bowl. This avoids excessive bend over and prevents parallax errors.
  • Energy-efficient use of electro-mechanic axis for turn-over and wheel-clamping
  • Line-laser to prevent parallax errors when applying adhesive weights in the rim bowl
  • Installation both integrated in SCHENCK balancing machine or as a self-sufficient station with its own control
  • Optional servo-mechanical tire-sidewall-push-down-device for application of 2-piece-clip-weights
  • Ergonomic indexing of the unbalance position towards the worker
Technical data
Data at a glance           
Operating range           
Wheel weight max.  [kg]  50       
Wheel outer diamater  [mm]  550 - 850       
Wheel width  [mm]  130 – 350       
Rim diameter  [inch]  13 – 24       
Rim width  [inch]  3.5 – 13       
Rim offset  [mm]  0 – 120       
Rim material    Steel, Aluminium       
Machine    1 station  2 stations     
Width  [mm]  3300  4695     
Depth  [mm]  6850  6830     
Height  [mm]  2300  2300     
Total net weight  [kg]  3500  7000     
Feed-in/discharge height  [mm]  1250     
Power supply    400V AC, 50Hz     
Total connected load  [kVA]  17     
Compressed air consumption  [m³ i.N. pro h]  10  20     
Compressed air supply pressure  [bar]  ≥ 6     
Machine color    RAL 7035 (SCHENCK Standard)     
Control Cabinet           
Width  [mm]  1200       
Depth  [mm]  600       
Height  [mm]  2000       
Cycle Time           
Unbalance correction method       
Design side  inner rim side  1 Station  2 Stationen     
Knock-on weight  Knock-on weight  ≤ 15,0 sec.  ≤ 8,5 sec.     
Clip-on weight  Clip-on weight  ≤ 19,0 sec.  ≤ 10,5 sec.     
Adhesive weight  Adhesive weight  ≤ 17,5 sec.  ≤ 9,5 sec.     
Adhesive weight  Knock-on weight  ≤ 16,5 sec.  ≤ 9,0 sec.     
Adhesive weight  Clip-on weight  ≤ 18,0 sec.  ≤ 10,0 sec.