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Balancing and Diagnostic System for Complete Passenger Vehicle Engine Cooling Fans

  • Work-piece mounting in original installation frame or transporter frame
  • Parameter identification
  • Signal analysis of the motor current
  • Vibro-acoustic diagnosis
  • Semi- or fully automatic test sequence
  • Flexible application, easy change over for various motor types, and tandem-fans

Range of application

Performance and objective noise tests in the production of complete passenger vehicle engine cooling fans.
Measurement of dynamic and static unbalance in the fan plane for optimum unbalance correction.


One or two-station machine with manual or fully automatic loading, automatic test sequence and manual unbalance correction.

Machine frame with unbalance measurement and test equipment, protective housing with wide loading or maintenance doors, measurement and control cabinet with test computer and power unit for the test object.

Clamping of the fan to the casement or motor is possible, position of the motor either vertical or horizontal.

The work-pieces can be delivered to the machine on pallets, by transfer conveyor, or in boxes.

Measuring systems built into the control cabinet, essentially consisting of industrial PC with signal processor, TFT touch-screen and test software.
Technical data
Technical data at a glance    EJS  EJS - TWIN  EJR  EJH  EJU 
Measuring unit    PC, MCP700 with signal processor  PC, MCP700 with signal processor  PC, MCP700 with signal processor  PC, MCP700 with signal processor  PC, MCP700 with signal processor 
Range of application    fan with frame  fan with frame  fan with frame  fan with frame  fan with frame 
Number of test stations   
Semi-automatic test sequence    •  •    •   
Fully automatic test sequence        •    • 
Analysis of motor current    •  •  •    • 
Measurement of speed and current    •  •  •  •  • 
Measurement of unbalance (static and dynamic)    •  •  •  •  • 
Unbalance correction calculation    •  •  •  •  • 
Passenger-vehicle engine-cooling fan             
Nominal voltage, max.  [V]  30/60/250  30/60/250  30/60/250  30/60/250  30/60/250 
Run-up current, max.  [A]  150/100/20  150/100/20  150/100/20  150/100/20  150/100/20 
Speed, max.  [min -1]  6000  6000  6000  6000  6000 
Width A 2)  [mm]  2200  2700  2600  2600  2600 
Depth B 2)  [mm]  2000  2000  2000  2000  2000 
Height C 2)  [mm]  2200  2200  2200  2200  2200 
Measurement uncertainty 1)  [gmm] 
Cycle time 3)  [s]  15  15  15  15  15 
Change over time  [min]  0 - 5  0 - 5  0 - 5  0 - 5  0 - 5 
Basic machine  Order No.  R0520100.01  R0520200.01  R0510100.01  R0550100.01  R0530100.01 
HV test DC 800V  Order No.  R0520101.01  R0520201.01  R0510101.01  R0550101.01  R0530101.01 
HV test AC 5000V  Order No.  R0520102.01  R0520202.01  R0510102.01  R0550102.01  R0530102.01 
Rotational direction test  Order No.  R0520103.01  R0520203.01  R0510103.01  R0550103.01  R0530103.01 
Noise check  Order No.  R0520104.01  R0520204.01  R0510104.01  R0550100.01  R0530104.01 
Transition test  Order No.  R0520105.01  R0520205.01  R0510105.01  R0550104.01  R0530105.01 
Network coupling  Order No.  R0520106.01  R0520206.01  R0510106.01  R0550105.01  R0530106.01 
Tele-service  Order No.  R0520107.01  R0520207.01  R0510107.01  R0550106.01  R0530107.01 
Transfer of measured values to external PC  Order No.  R0520108.01  R0520208.01  R0510108.01  R0550107.01  R0530108.01 
Printer  Order No.  R0520109.01  R0520209.01  R0510109.01  R0550108.01  R0530109.01 
Control of EC fans through PWM signal  Order No.  R0520110.01  R0520210.01  R0510110.01  R0550109.01  R0530110.01 
Measurement of the axial run-out  Order No.  R0520111.01  R0520211.01  R0510112.01  R0550110.01  R0530111.01 
1) Acc. to DIN 1319, 95% probability              
2) data non-binding, dependent on the respective equipment supplied             
3) Dependent on the extent of test and fan properties