VT-60 Data Collection Function

For systematic condition oriented machine maintenance, the Vibrotest 60 with XMS software is the optimal solution. Multiple routes and simultaneous performance of up to 5 measurements per point  make data collecting easy and fast. All measured data is then stored in the instrument using PCMCIA card. 

With extended monitoring software (XMS Software) you can build a data base of your plant and design your own user interface using all state of the art graphical elements. You can store and analyze data (vibration and process data) as well as trending the readings which will enable you to plan repairs, instead of “waiting till it breaks down.”

Other features of the data collection module include: 

Collect five values with one measurement - vibration overall value, BCU value, FFT, envelope spectrum and rotational speed

Collect data for up to 5 routes per card

Random jumping within a route or between routes
These units come complete with start-up accessories and have a modular design so you can choose the features you need now and upgrade later if your needs change!

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