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SmartBalancer – Portable Field Balancing machine from the experts

FACT:  Over 50% of all faults and failures of machines and systems can be attributed directly or indirectly to unbalances in rotating machine components. The SmartBalancer helps you identify an unbalance simply and accurately, and correct it ... more


Fully Automated Balancing in Serial Production

Fully automated balancing in serial production The new Distectool by Schenck RoTec permits highly efficient balancing of tools   In modern production technology, the high requirements placed on precision and process reliability can frequently ... more


Instrumentation (upgrade) packages for economical balancing

Is your balancing machine in good, well-maintained mechanical condition, but your Instrumentation has become antiquated. Then our CAB (Computer Aided Balancing) Instrumentation upgrade  packages are the right choice for you. Our upgrade ... more


Tooldyne – the tool balancing system made by experts

Today, high-speed machining is the established procedure for the economic machining of metals and plastics. Due to new developments in cutting materials and spindles, the achievable cutting speeds are consistently increasing. However, this procedure ... more


x-wheel truck d comes to America

This past May, five class 8 heavy duty trucks were the stars at Schenck RoTec Corporation of Auburn Hills, Michigan. Representatives from several truck and bus manufacturers used them to test the x-wheel truck d wheel alignment system.  The ... more


Schenck Horizontal Balancing Machines

Horizontal Balancing Machines - Manual • Balancing extremely light rotors • Balancing to high tolerance or quality requirements • Balancing small lots with frequently changing rotor specifications ... more


The new focus for balancing

The wind of change in balancing The new Pasio 15 enables accurate balancing of a wider range of rotors. Cylindrical rotors with their own shaft journals as well as disc type rotors with intermediate shafts can be balanced simply and accurately. The ... more


Manual and Automated Vertical Balancing Machines

Schenck's vertical balancing machines are the most accurate balancers available and are perfect for applications that have high reliability requirements, high accuracy requirements, or for rotors without journals such as clutches, flywheels, fans ... more


The Pasio 50 enables accurate balancing of a wide range of rotors up to 110lbs. and with a diameter up to 23.5 inches and 43 inches in length.

The unique design of the PASIO 50, goes beyond its simplicity and ease of use, to offer a completely new balancing system. Some of the features are more subtle, such as the integrated C-class enclosure that has been designed for one-finger operation ... more


Schenck Introduces Balancing Machines that Improve Balancing Quality and Profitability in the Overhaul of Turbochargers

Improving Balancing Quality and Profitability in the Overhaul of Turbochargers Deer Park, NY, October 18, 2012 - Schenck Corporation introduces its TB series of equipment built to improve balancing quality, efficiency and profitability in the ... more


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