Schenck Horizontal Balancing Machines

Horizontal Balancing Machines - Manual

Balancing extremely light rotors
Balancing to high tolerance or quality requirements
Balancing small lots with frequently changing rotor specifications
Balancing medium to large production lots
Balancing complete assemblies


Our HM modular balancing machines are manufactured with rigid rotor supports and a rugged mechanical design particularly suited for workshop applications. The subtle design elements in Schenck's unique support structure provide superior performance and precision results.

Our horizontal, hard-bearing machines are available in a variety of configurations for rotors weighing up to 200,000 lbs. All balancers come equipped with safety hold downs and negative load bearings to ensure operator safety, and can be easily integrated with any CAB instrument.

Our hard-bearing machines provide:

Permanent calibration to reduce setup time and eliminate the need
for trial runs

Measurement readout immediately during the first run regardless of the size, weight, or speed of the rotor.

Fewer moving parts to handle larger initial unbalances and provide
simple operation

Fast and easy changeover between rotor sizes

Rigid supports to closely simulate operating conditions

Accurate readouts that are not affected by windage

Horizontal Balancing Machines - Automated

Today’s new products are a benchmark for tomorrow’s future developments!

Manufacturers around the world are constantly faced with the challenge of continuously improving product quality while at the same time reducing cost. Schenck’s comprehensive range of products and services has been an invaluable resource for the production of almost every rotating component from small rotors for the electric industry
to nearly any rotating component used in the manufacture of automobiles. Schenck is a complete systems supplier and a comprehensive resource for the production of any rotating component…

Engineering and design for product development

Semi-automated machines for medium production applications

Fully-automated systems for large volume production

Complete turnkey systems

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