The new horizontal balancing machine for
rotors up to 33lbs. / 15kg


The new focus for balancing

Pasio 15

The wind of change in balancing
The new Pasio 15
enables accurate balancing of a wider range of rotors. Cylindrical rotors with their own shaft journals as well as disc type rotors with intermediate shafts can be balanced simply and accurately. The rotor can weigh up to 33 lbs, with a diameter up to 13.78 in.

Nothing left to be desired
On the Pasio 15, you’ll find our tried and tested operating philosophy represented: from the easy to use protective cap which accords with the demanding Protection Class C through to the simple storage of your rotor in the machine using the convenient single-hand overslung belt drive, right up to the logical placement of all operating elements.

Simple to balance
Our Pasio 15 is designed as an extremely compact crane hook machine. Simply transport it to the required point using the crane or a lift truck, deposit it and align it. The only other thing you need to balance your rotors is a power connection. That's how simple balancing is today - without complex foundations; without having to be screwed to the floor; without calibration.

Your safety comes first
The Pasio 15 fulfills the requirements laid down in the latest Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, valid since the beginning of 2010, in every respect, and is CE certified. The protective cap fulfills the high standards set by the ISO 21940-23 Class C - Protection against ejected parts.

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