CAB 920 SmartTouch – precise measurement, easy balancing - the reference point for balancing


CAB 920 SmartTouch – precise measurement, easy balancing - the reference point for balancing

CAB 920 SmartTouch

Task: supplying the highest ease of use with the highest precision every time, the CAB 920SmartTouch passes this test with flying colors. Its ingeniously simplified operating concept with superb logical visualization takes you by surprise. The result is simply captivating - rapid and reliable functionality with a short learning curve. Whatever the rotor application, low-speed or high-speed, rigid or flexible, vertical or horizontal, the CAB 920SmartTouch is the simplest and most competent measuring instrument.

With the new operator interface, SmartTouch the easy and intuitive operating strategy becomes obvious the first time you use it. An essential element is using a touch screen for operation, you only need your index finger both to directly communicate with and operate the measuring instrument and balancing machine. We also raised the level of graphics to touch screen requirements with large button spaces, distinct interactive symbols and directly interactive input windows.

Something that is just as important for easy operation is highly visible structuring of the operator interface. With the SmartTouch, all information needed for the balancing process are clearly structured and put together in just three basic pages. Starting off with setting up the machine for a new rotor, the software takes the user through all input steps and the operator is led step-by-step through all settings after starting the Rotorfile Wizard. You only have to start the balancing process after checking the plausibility of all inputs. It just couldn't be easier.

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