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The quality you expect from schenck at a price you may not!

Our H series balancing machines give you the precision accuracy and flexibility that you have come to expect from Schenck. These high performance machines can accurately balance rotors for a wide variety of applications from electric motors to fans, blowers or paper rolls and, with our CAB 706 Instrumentation our H series is capable of achieving balancing accuracy within 5 millionths of an inch offset from the rotor’s principal axis of inertia.

Choosing the right H machine for your application is easy. Simply find the dimensions and weights of your rotor on the chart below then click on the appropriate "Type" link provided to review technical details. On that page you will have an opportunity to contact our eSales team to receive a proposal, and to place your order.

Prices are valid for US transactions only.

Type Machine Data Rotor Data

Max. Rotor Weight
on roller carriages
Max. rotor diameter
over the machine bed
Max. distance
between bearings
H-250-I 250 31 25
H-1500-I 1500 49 55
H-6500-I 6500 63 75



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