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Optimizing processes – Reducing the cost of production:
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For the majority of rotors, the question as to what stage of rotor production is best for balancing is easily answered.

For more complex components, this question may be more difficult to answer – for example in the case of rotors consisting of several parts. In these cases, balancing may be one of up to one hundred production stages, which makes the problem of when these components should be balanced somewhat more difficult. Additional questions arise: Do you need to balance the individual parts, and, if so, how accurately? Which mounting accuracies should be observed? What tolerances should be specified, bearing in mind both technical and economic considerations? It will pay in the long run, to carefully consider these questions. The right sequence of production steps and optimum design of the balancing processes will help to reduce the cost of production.

Spot checks on prototypes prior to starting production will provide information about the statistical distribution of unbalance before and after the balancing process.

All these are questions, which we deal with every day. You can benefit from our wealth of experience in this area. Although such an analysis will be particularly useful prior to the introduction of a new production process, we will often be able to discover potential for improvement even in long-established production processes.

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