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cenTec – Clamping system for vertical balancing machines

Balancing tooling for the easy and reliable clamping of rotors

With our new product cenTec, rotors of different types can be clamped quickly and easily on vertical balancing machines. The balancing tooling consists of matched individual parts which are separately replaceable, and can therefore be adapted for specific purposes and different rotors. This eliminates the need for the time-consuming production, installation and adjustment of self-made rotor adapters.

cenTec has been developed by balancing experts for professionals who expect the greatest possible flexibility. It enables balancing at a clamping width of 10 mm to 500 mm rotor diameter. This large and almost fully adjustable clamping range is achieved by skilful combination and extension, and easy adaptation of the components.

The advantages at a glance:

• Suitable for many vertical balancing machines
• Modular design
• Easily adaptable to many workpieces
• Extendible at any time
• Short refitting time
• High balancing accuracy
• Centring range from 10 mm -500 mm
• Good value
• Short delivery time – available ex-stock
• Ordering from our Schenck Webshop

Order quickly and conveniently from the Schenck Webshop

All cenTec articles can be ordered direct from our Webshop, so that the required parts are quickly available to you.
In our Webshop, a configurator assists you in selecting a suitable adapter with the matching individual parts for your workpieces. We have also put together for you a starter package, which comprises the basic equipment for the mounting of disc-shaped rotors.

Technical data

cenTec Tooling is intended for the low speed balancing of disc, cylinder or pot shaped rotors, such as fly wheels, belt pulleys, brake discs, brake drums, pump wheels, fans, clutches, axle gear parts and flanges, as well as for many other rotors for different ranges of application.

Rotor weight:  max. 45 kg
Rotor diameter: max. 500 mm
Rotor height: max. 250 mm

Internal centring diameter:
10-32 mm, fixed
32-67 mm, fixed
67-137 mm, fixed
137-450 mm, variable

External centring diameter:
12-69 mm, fixed
69-140 mm, fixed
140-400mm, variable

Measuring speed: max. 1.300 1/min

cenTec  is suitable for our vertical balancing machine types CBAD, HBAD, RBAD, WBAD, RBBD, VM2/1, VM2/2, Virio, ESC and ESD.

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