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Balancing Machines for Turbocharger Applications

Introducing Schenck's TB Series - the TBcomfort and TBsonio

Schenck Trebel Corporation offers two machines for balancing during turbocharger overhaul: the TBcomfort and TBsonio. In the first step of overhaul, individual components and the pre-assembled rotor assembly are balanced on the TBcomfort.
Next, the complete core assembly (CHRA) is then balanced on the TBsonio.

These machines comply fully with the requirements of the latest Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. Both machines are also equipped with their proven
CAB (Computer Aided Balancing) measuring instrumentation. CAB offers technical perfection coupled with simple software design and touch-screen operation.

View our Turbo Charger Overhall Video here!

For more information about Schenck Trebel Corporation and the TB series, visit:

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