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Spin test systems from the experts

The influence of centrifugal force is an important consideration
during the design, production and overhaul of virtually any rotor.
The integrity of rotating parts and assemblies is especially
critical for rotors that operate at high-speed or demand peak performance.

Schenck Spin Test Systems provide a safe, controlled environment for:
• Pre-stressing material by accelerating rotating components beyond
  the yield point.
• Testing of material strength at speeds above operational speed for
  quality assurance.
• Acceleration to burst point for research and development of rotors.
• Low cycle fatigue tests fully programmable to measure low frequency
  fatigue properties.
Identify and correct potential faults before a rotor is put into service!
• Standard models for bladed and un-bladed rotors weighing up to 14,000 lbs.
   and test speeds of up to 250,000 rpm.
• Durable DC-Drive technology for speed control and outstanding energy and
  time savings.
• Four variable speed drives to choose from with up to 350 hp at constant torque.
• A unique rotor suspension system with hydrostatic bearings for minimal damage
   and downtime in the event of a burst.
• Catcher bearings to immediately isolate and control the rotor in the event of a burst.
• Complete material testing capabilities under vacuum, heating, cooling and cryogenic

• Stroboscopic, video, photography and expansion measurement features available for
   rotor observation.
• Vibration monitoring and high-speed data acquisition modules available.
• A full range of safety features including Schenck's exclusive burst-proof liner
  design and lid-locking devices for maximum operator safety.