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Moment weighing scales

Bladed rotors, such as in jet engines and industrial and marine turbines, can have substantial variations in weight and center of gravity. Random distribution of the blades during assembly can result in large unbalances in the disk, and cause internal moments in the final rotor assembly.

Severe balancing problems can be prevented by measuring the relative or absolute moment of each individual blade, determining the best location within the disk, and reducing the initial unbalance of the final rotor stage.

Schenck's computerized moment weighing system optimizes blade distribution, and reduces the time and effort needed to complete the balancing process. One, two and three axis measurement is possible for blades weighing 0.2 lbs. up to 200 lbs. Units can be equipped with NEW BLADIS NET software for automatic data transfer from scale to computer. Mass weighing systems and complete blade adapter packages are also available.