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High speed balancing and overspeed testing

High-speed balancing of bladed rotors is usually performed in a vacuum chamber to avoid high turbulence power loss. Schenck's vacuum chamber with integrated burst protection, makes it possible to high-speed balance and spin-test small to medium sized turbo-rotors right on the shop floor. The innovative system design provides a variety of unique features to absorb the energy released when a rotor burst occurs. Safety "crush zones" are engaged and easily restored in the event of a significant burst.

The tunnel-like balancing stand eliminates the need for thick concrete walls and provides safe, easy setup for rotors up to 17,500 lbs., up to 67 inches in diameter, at speeds of up to 60,000 RPM. The new design requires significantly less floor space than a conventional test bunker and permits faster installation with lower investment and operational costs.

For larger applications, Schenck can provide complete high-speed/overspeed test facilities for rotors weighing up to 450 metric tons! Complete steel reinforced concrete bunkers can be custom engineered to meet individual plant specifications. Facilities can be designed as high-speed installations for generator rotors and furnished with vacuum capability (<1mb) for turbine applications. Complete turnkey installations include Schenck's exclusive CABFLEX/CAA software for computer-aided balancing, data acquisition and documentation.

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