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CAB 920 - Instrumention

SmartTouch Instrumentation

The CAB 920 SmartTouch balancing instrumentation was specifically developed for the most challenging tasks including flexible rotor balancing. With Flash Drive employing embedded Windows XP as its operating component, the CAB920 SmartTouch offers the same Windows-compliant graphics user interface and software compatibility that dominates the personal computer market.

Featuring a 15-inch touch screen operator interface and no moving parts, the industrial PC used in the CAB 920 SmartTouch is compatible with the harsh shop environment that is frequently part of a manufacturing and overhaul environment.  This industrial PC is connected to a black box measuring unit that accomplishes all the internal computations necessary to convert calibrated measurement units into unbalance measurement data, while all other user interface functions are managed by the industrial PC.  The end result is a data transfer rate that permits real time screen updates for rotor-dynamic evaluation of data. Instantaneous data capture provides an informative graphic representation both on screen and on paper for a thorough rotor-dynamic evaluation of the collected data.  The CAB 920 SmartTouch is suitable for Hard-bearing, Soft-bearing, Horizontal and Vertical balancing machines.  Upgrade your Schenck balancing machines and balancing machines of other manufacturers.

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