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CAB 706 - Instrumentation

CAB 706 Instrumentation

Schenck CAB706

The CAB 706 is a complete instrumentation package for horizontal and vertical balancing machines. With excellent cost/performance ratio.

The CAB 706 combines high-precision measuring technology with our proven menu driven control philosophy. Easy to learn and operate it provides a clear guide to the complete balancing process. All steps are displayed and labeled by appropriate function keys. An extensive help library supports the user with the measuring instrument.

he CAB 706 is an ideal solution for upgrading your existing balancing machine to meet the latest measuring technology and up-to-date operational controls. As a stand alone add on unit, simply connect the vibration transducer and switch it on. Our CAB 706 offers state-of-the-art diagnostic functions and powerful correction capability for a wide range of universal balancing applications.  It is an ideal instrument upgrade for nearly any dynamic balancing machine.

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