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PFA - the test laboratory for balancing technology with worldwide unique competence

Individual service packages

Authorized by its DATech accreditation, the PFA of Schenck Trebel offers three service packages, which differ in the depth of their technical measurement detail and the extent of documentation. You can therefore select exactly the right package to meet the requirements of your daily business.

Quality Level C - Basic
Our basic package documents the current characteristics of the test objects - this stage enables the basic testing of balancing machines or a type change in production using the values determined.

Quality Level B - Master
With the Master level you can qualify the test objects as measurement and test equipment as part of your quality management system. You ensure the traceability, create the possibility of qualified monitoring, and can also use the test objects for extended quality testing (e.g. measurement system capability, testing to ISO 2953). The package is comparable to so-called works calibration certificates.

Quality Level A - Reference
This variant covers the most demanding requirement on the quality management system, since the documentation is comparable to the well-known DKD calibration certificate. The reference level is intended for those confirmation tasks which are required (for example) under SAE ARP. This gives you the assurance that the testing of your reference equipment or machine has been carried out in accordance with the standards and with the highest currently available reliability and precision.

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