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On-site services

Machine Maintenance
Certified Machine Calibrations

Reliable post-purchase services available

A balancing machine is an intelligent combination of superior mechanical components with high-accuracy measuring systems and powerful software. Comprehensive know-how is therefore required to maintain such a complex system expertly and cost efficiently and avoid costly repairs.

Our service staff from all over the world is available to render professional service. This ensures that one of them is not very far away from you to come to your assistance in an emergency: A close-knit support network makes for short distances, short response times, high reliability and efficiency.

Schenck service experts have in-depth familiarity with our balancing and diagnostic systems. All our service engineers have long-standing experience, the technical know-how and undergo regular training to stay at the leading edge of modern technology. Certificates of calibrations are available for Schenck balancing machines and other manufacturers. 

Benefits of our customer service at a glance:

  • Expert repair
  • High cost efficiency
  • Efficient trouble-shooting
  • Long-term provision of spare parts
  • Speedy, professional maintenance
  • Certified Machine Calibration Services
  • Consultation and support in all matters relating to balancing
  • Highly skilled staff familiar with latest technical developments

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