Consulting from the balancing experts –
The reliable way to low-vibration products

Product development –
Precision from the very beginning

Prevention is better than a cure: the framework for the achievable vibration levels of rotors is laid early in the product development stage. Involvement of our consultants from scratch on pays off. Our know-how and specialized tools allow us to analyse vibration and noise behaviour. Based on your design drawings we estimate the unbalance to be expected and help to minimize unbalance straight from the beginning. This early detection will allow the better design of low vibration component and integration into the production process.

Prototype testing –
The reliable step towards production

Low vibration is a component only reveals is weaknesses when it is constructed as a prototype. In our trial facilities, we analyse rotors and assemblies, and are able to determine exactly how they will behave in actual operation.
Our vibration analysis provides you with the information you need for further development. Our overspeed testing service is the proven method for carrying out strength and expansion investigations in speed ranges up to 250,000 rpm, while ensuring operating safety with the aid of burst trials. Should you desire we will also assist you with suggestions on how you can improve your product.

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