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In-House Balancing Services at Schenck

Schenck offers nationwide Balancing & Vibration Analysis Services from five Balancing Technology Centers and a network of field service technicians. Each facility is equipped to provide a full range of in-house and on-site balancing services for precision rotor performance.

Evaluations for rotor dynamics, prototypes and tooling
Our staff includes the industry experts, engineers and consultants that have provided innovative solutions on some of the most challenging applications in the world. If there’s a particular rotor that’s the cause of your vibration problem, or if you have a new product and need to determine the ideal balancing requirements, our resources stand ready to assist you with the quality that has been the Schenck standard for more than a century.

In-house balancing services
Our in-house balancing service uses the latest Schenck technology to provide reliable, cost-effective operation for virtually any size rotor. A wide variety of machines are available that can accommodate short runs for prototype development and overhaul applications to large scale production runs.

  • All balancing in accordance with ISO, API and MIL specifications
  • Hard & soft bearing machines to meet most balancing requirements
  • Vertical balancing machines for disc type rotors without journals
  • Certification of proving rotors and test masses
  • Engineering support for tool design & fixtures
  • Fully equipped inspection/QC department
  • Precision scales and measuring equipment calibrated to NIST standards.Full documentation for rotors with Certificate of Conformance available

On-site balancing services
Accurate vibration analysis can provide the necessary information to completely evaluate machine condition, identify symptoms to avoid on-going damage, determine the cause of damaged components, and offer a prognosis for remaining service life. It can mean the difference between maximum production efficiency and catastrophic failure.

Schenck offers a complete range of services to diagnose, troubleshoot and correct machine condition:

  • Vibration diagnostics to analyze and evaluate the cause of machine vibration.
  • Field balancing and alignment for smooth, quiet operation and extended service life.
  • Predictive maintenance packages with periodic data collection to establish baseline operating parameters, set limit values and provide comprehensive machine evaluation reports.

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