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Our Automotive Applications Balancing Experts ! Schenck USA Corp., Southfield Campus

Contact: Mark Hass 248-377-2100 x4856

Short and production balancing runs are welcome!

Schenck USA Corp. (Southfield Campus) offers a complete range of automotive balancing services at our
facility in Southfield, Michigan.

Our in-house balancing service uses the latest Schenck technology and certified
balancing equipment to provide
the highest quality of balancing required in the
automotive industry.

Our knowledgeable in-house engineering staff can design the necessary fixture
tooling to balance all types of parts.

We can accommodate individual prototype balancing to complete production runs.
We provide balancing services
for the automotive industry worldwide, including the
big three.

Schenck USA is committed to supporting you with your balancing needs. Whether
you require a master part
certification, a production part balancing run, or prototype
balancing – we can provide what you need.

Fast response to emerging trends, lean production and a high level of quality are
required to ensure lasting
competitiveness. This presupposes technologies which
guarantee productivity, flexibility, and economic efficiency.

Balancing machines designed for production processes therefore have to meet
particularly high standards.
The capability of adaptation to the specific requirements
of a given balancing task, extremely high accuracy, high production output, and
engineering adapted to both the operating staff and the production environment.
The CAB system meets all these requirements in an optimum way: High-performance
hardware, service friendly structure will help you safeguard your competitiveness
on a long-term basis.

Parts that we have balanced:

 Disc Brake Rotors
 Axle assemblies
Tire/Wheel  Connecting Rods  In-vehicle driveline testing
Armatures  Motor Testing  Propshafts
Flywheels  Differentials  

ISO 9001:2015 Certification - ASR
Accreditation ISO17025:2019
Mission and QMS Principles

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