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Schenck Balancing Services

Schenck offers a comprehensive range of in-house balancing service.
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Our In-House Capabilities for various Balancing Types:

 Balancing Discipline
Rotor Weight
 Rotor Diameter  Max.
 Rotor Length
 10,000 lbs.  
 68 inches
 17 feet
 Vertical  135 lbs.
 41 inches
 17 inches (height)
 High Speed Flexible Driveshaft
 Balancing (to 18,000 rpm)
 175 lbs.
 Rotor Specific
 90 inches

Components and assemblies balanced to your specifications

Wound electric armatures for automotive, power tool, and household appliance applications
Large rotors balanced in accordance with ISO, API and MIL specifications
Marine turbine and compressor assemblies
Large inpellers are easily loaded into our balancing facility
Large impellers are easily loaded into our balancing facility.
Blower wheels for air handling.

Our balancing service can handle rotors up to 10,000 pounds!
Dynamic balancing for overhauled and repaired rotating components and equipment.

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